"Before coming to work at American Retirement Counselors, I was working two jobs... one as an Administrative Assistant during the week and the other as a waitress on the weekends.  When I was introduced to American Retirement Counselors, the idea of working only on commission sounded a little scary, but I stopped and asked myself, "What do I have to lose?"...  Of course the answer was, "Nothing"!  So, I decided to get my insurance license and two weeks later I was training to be an agent.

One of the best things about this company is that they have so much to offer, not only for me as a newcomer to the business, but for my clients too because we have the best products available.  I have so much support!  The toughest part for me was the first four months because I had so much to learn.  On the other hand, one of the best parts of my new career was that if I had a bad day, I knew I could go to the office and everyone there would be encouranging and help make me feel better!  Whenever I had a question or a problem, someone was there to help me.  Even the President of the company would take an hour out of his busy day to help.  Both he and the managers are always there to help anyone who needs it.

For me, ARC is the best place I could have started my career!  I have grown so much both professionally and financially...  The best part is knowing that I still have so much room to grow!"
-Olivia Thomas
American Retirement Counselors
Greensboro, NC
Testimonials, continued
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