"ARC is committed to providing the very best product solutions available and has a relationship with the top carriers in the industry... 

Our Associates can be confident that we are doing the best job possible for our clients and put their needs first.

'We work for you... Not an insurance company' isn't just another phrase.... It's our way of life."
- W. Van Meter, President
American Retirement Counselors

Before coming to work at American Retirement Counselors, I was working two jobs... one as an Administrative Assistant and the other as a waitress on the weekends...

For me, ARC is the best place I could have started my career!  I have grown so much both professionally and financially...  The best part is knowing that I still have so much room
to grow!           
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Olivia Thomas, ARC Associate
Greensboro, NC
       I think people aren't sure who to trust anymore...  Can you blame them?  This is part of why it can be so challenging breaking into a business like this.  That said, I believe that people want someone they can trust and count on... It's not complicated.  To be successful, we simply need to be that person.  It's simple:  Do what's right for the client first, last, and always...

Bill Van Meter
Greensboro, NC
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